Hammond Zap Trap 6 Outlet Surge Suppressor

    Hammond Zap Trap 6 Outlet Surge Suppressor
    • No. of Outlets: 4
    • EMI/RFI Min.Noise Attenuation: 80db
    • 15 amp resettable breaker
    • Rugged aluminum housing
    • On/off switch
    • Five stages of protection
    • CSA certified, Standards C22.2 (No. 21-95, No. 42-99 and No. 8-M1986)

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    CAD $157.26


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    • Protection in all three AC modes and diagnostic monitoring with 3 LEDs
    • Red LED fault indicator identifying power outlet problems of open or poor grounding, line neutral reversal, excessive ground to neutral
    • Single line circuit featuring delta protection w/ three long life semiconductor suppressors
    • Voltage suppression at the outlet guards against transients from equipment on the power bar
    • Mounting feet with keyhole slots for temporary work station mounting if desired
    • Components FCC part 68 rated to 175 amps clamping at 145V, crowbar at 180V, and fused to isolate sustained faults
    • Heavy 14 gauge 6’ wire cord
    • Self-healing gas discharge tube protection rated at a minimum of 2,000 joules
    • Crowbar primary protection to 30,000 amps for sustained faults
    • 24,000 amps maximum transient current
    • Response time of less than 1 nanosecond
    • 14/3 SJTW cord for extreme temperature ranges and integral molded plug

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