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We serve a wide range of markets with a focus on building solutions for to survive harsh environments or are in mission critical areas

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The defense market has some of the toughest compliance regulations in the world. If military products don’t perform as expected, people’s lives can be at risk.

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Oil and Gas

We build cables to withstand the harsh environments of the energy sector including extreme temperatures, moisture, mud, dust, chemicals, and long exposure to UV from the Sun.

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Our mining cable solutions are safe and durable, and built for the isolated and rugged environment of mining operations.

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MRO builds precise and intricate cables for a wide range of communications needs, including data acquisition and signal measurement.

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Forestry requires cables that are compliant with safety regulations and designed for harsh conditions.

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Cables designed for agriculture machinery and farming equipment that are rugged and reliable to keep you running smoothly.

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Renewable Energy

MRO manufactures solar, wind and hydro cable assemblies for the renewable energy sector. We provide rugged, heavy duty solutions that will survive the conditions found in renewables.

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Our cables are designed to withstand the extereme weather conditions and corrosive environments found in the transportation markets.

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MRO manufactures custom cable assemblies for the medical sector, where reliability is a matter of life and death. We understand the need for sterilization, biocompatibility, and miniaturization.

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MRO manufactures custom cable assemblies for the robotics industry. We understand the need for miniaturization and rugged solutions for harsh environments.

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We provide cables for multiple applications including automation and machine wiring.

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