xCube 3x3x3 SMD LED Cube Kit - Blue

    xCube is a an amazing easy to build project that will teach you how to put
    together a well engineered product.

    • Improve your soldering skills
    • Learn to program an ATmega microcontroller.

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    Arduino-Software Compatible xCube!

    Love programming on Arduino? Today you can do even more. LED Cube with Arduino-Software on every platform. Just plug ISP Programer to xCube and start coding. Fast upload UP to 32 KB of your code. Make you dreams come true with xCube. Fast, easy with a lot of fun. As well compatible with any other software that support ATmega controllers.

    The Simpliest xCube Development ATmega Platform

    Built your own LED Cube and control every single LED yourself. It's became possible with ATmega controller. Best solution for beginners to study chip programming. Also usefull as an exclusive night light!

    Super-Bright LED's Technology

    We are using ultra-bright LED technology, that are Energy "A" rated. This is why xCube consume less power and gives maximum brightness. Flat top LED's are shining more than ordinary LED's with a great look and originality.

    Multiple sketches all over the Internet!

    For 3x3x3 cube already exists a lot of sketches around the Internet, specially made for ATmega controller.. You may use them for xCube as well. Also we provide few beautiful and easy programms for xCube. Try!


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